How Are Smart watches Doing?

Some smart watches — whether for everyday use (such as Apple Watch) or for particular purposes (such as Garmin Fenix)—offer a selection of standard features:

  1. Alerts: Smartphones show alerts of important events or activities to warn you. There are various types of alerts; devices linked to a smartphone that simply replicate alerts from the phone on your wrist, while certain smartwatches display notifications that only a wearable can provide. The newest Apple Watch for example features a fall sensor. When you fall while wearing the watch, the subsequent move is detected by the watch; if it does not detect any, it will send a sequence of escalating alerts. Failure to respond to the message, and on your behalf, the watch will presume that you are injured and warn authorities.
  2. Apps: A smartwatch is just as good as the applications it supports, in addition to showing updates from your phone. App ecosystems differ, and are tied either to the worlds of Apple or Google. Smartwatches with a particular intent, such as for hiking or diving, typically support the applications they need to achieve that purpose without the ability to incorporate certain forms of applications.
  3. Media management: Many smartwatches coupled with smartphones are capable of handling media playback. For example, you can use your Apple Watch to adjust volume and tracks while you are listening to music on an iPhone using Apple's AirPods.
  4. Answer voice messages: Remember the classic Dick Tracy stories, where the hero detective used a phone watch? Current smartwatches running either the operating systems WatchOS or Wear OS allow voice dictation.
  5. Fitness tracking: A dedicated fitness band is definitely a safer option than a smartwatch if you're a hard-core athlete. However, there are also smartwatches that have a heart rate monitor and a pedometer to better track your exercise.
  6. GPS: Most smartwatches have a GPS to monitor your position or to receive updates unique to your position.
  7. Great battery life: Modern smartwatches have batteries that can power you through the day, with usual use and a little juice left to go. Battery use varies; usually, the Apple Watch gets 18 hours of daily use on a single charge, while the Pebble gets 2 or 3 days.

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