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HP Printer Program Download & Install

123.hp.com/setup-HP Printer driver program is installed and downloaded for HP print setup. Until scanning a document with a 123.hp.com/setup scanner into your computers, you need to install the printer scanner driver to communicate with your Printer Scanner and apps. Start by connecting the printer setup scanner to a USB port on your devices.

How to download and install the 123.hp.com/setup HP Printer drivers?

  1. Switch on the HP printer and computer
  2. Open and type web browser 123.hp.com/setup
    • Make sure cartridges are installed, paper loaded and printer powered. Click the Download button to get the recommended printer program.
  3. Enter the model number of HP printers in the space given.
  4. Choose the driver of a printer
  5. Click the Update button/li>
  6. Go to the folder you have downloaded and run the app to install the drivers

HP Wirelessly Protected System Printer

US Driver Setup offers a click of the latest version of the printer drivers and software, as in 123.hp.com. You will use the current version of the Windows and MAC printer drivers, applications, and firmware. We also give instructions on how to install the downloaded drivers on your Windows or MAC PC.

HP Wireless Printer Safe Setup in Windows

  1. Turn that printer on.
  2. Open the control of the printer, and click the wireless icon.
  3. The wizard looks up and shows a list of networks open.
  4. To complete the link, pick your Network Name. Upload HP wireless software if needed.
  5. Enter your home network and password SSID, and connect your printer to the 123.hp.com/setupwireless network.
  6. You can also attach the printer directly to your router via the WPS button. To connect your HP printer directly to the home network, click the WPS button on your Router and Printer.

HP Printer Protected Wireless System on Mac

  1. Switch your HP Printer, Router and Laptop on. Link to the wireless network.
  2. Control panel open and press wireless button.
  3. To view a list of available networks, click on Wireless Setup Wizard in Settings.
  4. To complete the link setup pick the name of your network.
  5. Click the Apple menu, and the About This Mac option. To change the program click on App Updates.
  6. From the Apple menu pick device preferences for printing or scanning.
  7. Before connecting the printer to use the new HP software tools, exit and restart any programs.

Troubleshooting your HP Printer Errors

  • Printer Congiguration difficulties
  • Installation of printers or HP Printer setup issue.
  • Paper Jams, Ink Cartridge Jam
  • Imprint drivers corrupted or outdated
  • Document jam in spooling area, spooler print error
  • Quite fast printing
  • Newspaper feeder picks up several papers
  • Mismatching mistake in text
  • Device hangs when a printer is in operation
  • printer driver not properly mounted